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Monday, November 15, 2004

Brand Democratic Party -- Lakoff as Linux...Moore IS Less & That's No Bull...Moose

What IS the future for the Brand Democratic Party?

That depends on what "Is, Is"!!

And the momentum of George Lakoff as the Metaphor Magician...or in Piper's Metaphor: "Lakoff as the Language Linux: Political Operating Systems--Metaphors or MetB4s or NetB8s!!"

Currently, there are four sub-brand suppliers for the Democratic Party.

(1) Democratic Leadership Council (Sen. Joe Lieberman & Friends).

The DLCPPIers can be found at

I highly recommend Marshall Wittmann's Bull Moose Blog... ...BUT...the "real" Bull Moose Blog can be found at ... and check out my Patron Blog AD there this week!!

(2) The Carville-Clintonistas.

Unfortunately, former President Bill Clinton and Sen. Hillary Clinton and their FOB&H band try to straddle most issues at most times. At times, Bill-Hill are firmly in the DLC sub-brand. Other times, they are in the (3) camp. This (2) sub-brand subscribes to what I call "Dick Morris Strangulation-Triangulation."

(3) The Goreless-Deaniacs-LBJ (aka Kos Kossaks).

Reincarnate the "Great" Society as the Great Environmental Society...this sub-brand wants to return to the LBJ Texas roots. The Goreless-Deaniacs think they are "authentic" Dems...and that the DLCers are the false prophets who profit.

(4) The Naderite-Green Party.

Like it or not, the Green Party will continue to act as a near perfect substitute for the Goreless-Deaniacs. Given their global socio-political presence (and presents), the Greens will be able to entice Dem-voters for decades to come.

Update: "All the world, a Metaphor"

Before reading and reviewing George Lakoff's works (and to best understand Lakoff's cognition paradigm), I recommend that you read these works in the following order:

(1) If You're So Smart: The Narrative of Economic Expertise (Donald McCloskey, 1990)

From Simile (explicit comparison) to Metaphor (implied comparison), McCloskey provides us the rhetorical tetrad: Logic (Philosopher's Model), Fact (Historian's Model), Story (Literary Writer's Model), and Metaphor (Economist's Model).

For Pro-Con Metaphors (Sunflower, Software, Spanglish), see my essay "Diffusion of Con-Fusion: The Birth of a Political Brand."

(2) Images Of Organization (Gareth Morgan, 1986)

If you are satisified with the economist's mind and model of the theory of the firm (organization)...where the firm equals the present value of future cash flows (Period!), then do Not read Morgan.

But if you would like 10 or so new metaphors for interpreting and talking about the theory and practice of firms, then read Morgan!

(3) How Customers Think: Essential Insights Into The Mind Of The Market (Gerald Zaltman, 2003)

How do we process information and conceive and express the world? Metaphors Matter...regardless of the roles we humans assume!

(4) Metaphors We Live By (George Lakoff and Mark Johnson, 2003, revised edition)

(5) Moral Politics: How Liberals And Conservatives Think (George Lakoff, 2002, second edition)

For the Social Conservative sub-brand of Conservatism, Prof. Lakoff is mostly on point (or rather on mind) regarding the Grand Unifying Metaphor (GUM) of "Strict Father."

But for the other 5 sub-brands of Conservatism, Lakoff is off...base and out of the ball park!

(6) Don't Think Of An Elephant!: Know Your Values And Frame The Debate (George Lakoff, November 2004)

Howard Dean wrote the Foreward.

For more on framing via Metaphors, see

For a liberal critique of Lakoff, see "Wooden Frame: Is George Lakoff Misleading Democrats?" (Noam Scheiber, The New Republic, May 17, 2005)

May The Metaphor Be With You!!

Sunday, November 14, 2004

Brand Libertarian Party -- From 1980 Craniacs to 2004 Borders' Re-Branding

Reality Check for the Libertarian Party!

1980 LP Presidential Candidate Ed Clark: 921,299 votes

2004 LP Presidential Candidate Michael Badnarik: 370,000 votes

24-Year Return on Investment: "Priceless"

Last week at, 1996 & 2000 LP Presidential Candidate Harry Browne argued that national vote totals were an irrelevant metric for "success."

On Thursday, November 11 at, Max Borders offered a vision for re-branding and re-positioning the Libertarian Party. Unfortunately, Orthodox Libertarians at Lew Rockwell's Blog once again criticized Max Borders for his thoughtful and innovative recommendations.

I say "once again" because first in September and next in October at TCS, Max Borders challenged Libertarian Orthodoxy with a defense...or better yet...with an offense...for Libertarian Hawks. The L-Hawks challenged the L-Orthodoxy about strict military isolationism.
Max Borders' 2 TCS articles led to Cato hosting a conference on the L-Hawk topic, which was moderated by the "always Johnny-Cash-esque, dressed-in-black, anarchist-fashion-statement" and Reason editor Nick Gillespie.

A Lesson from the 1980s...

In 1980, Ed Crane and the so-called Craniacs tried to modify the LP position and re-brand the LP. On a sunny Sunday at Stanford University--where I was attending a Cato University seminar--Murray Rothbard--who I was standing next to--got one of his many admirers to question Ed Clark in public at an LP rally, which was covered by NBC nationally.

On the Stanford Campus, the Rothbardian devotee shouted out to presidential candidate Ed Clark during Q&A: "Why have you compromised the LP position on the legalization of hard drugs such as heroin?"

(I should know since I was the one who posed the question to Ed Clark.) we know, the Rothbard "purists" indicted the Craniacs for selling out the LP...and its "Party of Principle" position.

Fast forward 24 years...and as we know, the Rockwell-Rothbard "purists" have indicted Max Borders for daring to re-brand and re-position the LP.

As a former card-carrying LP member and former Rothbard-Rockwell devotee, I congratulate Max Borders (and others) for their constructive insights on L-Hawks and the Libertarian Party.

Unfortunately, L-Hawks can't and won't we welcome them all to the Progressive Conservative Eagle.

And unfortunately, Max Borders' insightful suggestions about re-positioning the LP will not be heard.

Max...ask Ed Crane why he left the Libertarian Party after the 1980 election??

Friday, November 12, 2004

Master Brand Conservatism: Intellectual Capital

Welcome to the World of Brand Politics!

We can view Conservatism as a socio-political "master" brand. the 6 sub-brands of Conservatism.

We got (1) Classical Liberals, (2) Libertarians, (3) Paleo-Cons, (4) Neo-Cons, and (5) Fi-So Cons, the pre-Reagan coalition of fiscal and social conservatives.

And now the new brand...(6) in Progressive Conservatism.

Early 2005, I will begin a more systematic introduction of the Pro-Con brand.