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Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Progressive Conservatism: Brand Diffusion Timeline

Diffusion TimeLine: Anatomy of an Intellectual Brand

April 28, 2004

To Andrew Sullivan, I suggest that he write a book on the fusion and future of Conservatism. I propose this working title -- Progressive Conservatism (Pro-Cons): The Fusion Of Conservative Futures In The Clash Of Civilizations. I provide also a book outline and recommend sources for each chapter.

May 1, 2004

To 500 National Key Influencers -- Conservatives, Libertarians, Liberals -- I begin planting the intellectual seed capital for Progressive Conservatism, which continues over the next few months.

July 3, 2004

I pen a first draft of "Diffusion Of Con-Fusion: The Birth of a Political Brand."

August 1, 2004

Pro-Cons of the World Unite!!


August 18, 2004

Kenneth Silber publishes "The Fusionist Path" at (TCS). Independently, Ken and I reach essentially the same conclusions.

September 1, 2004

To TCS, I submit the final version of "Diffusion Of Con-Fusion: The Birth of a Political Brand." TCS rejects the 4,000-word essay. To the 500 National Key Influencers, I begin circulating "Diffusion Of Con-Fusion."

September 5, 2004

Allan Lichtman, the prominent presidential historian at American University, invokes the term "Progressive Conservative" via CNN. Professor Lichtman introduces Progressive Conservative to our national lexicon and discourse via CNN. Independently, Prof. Lichtman and I have reached somewhat similar conclusions. I e-mail Prof. Lichtman to thank him for introducing "Progressive Conservative" to our country.

October 13, 2004

Dr. Ed Feulner, President of the Heritage Foundation, requests that I send to him "Diffusion Of Con-Fusion" as an attached document. I send the Pro-Con "foundation" essay to Dr. Feulner.

October 22, 2004

At, Dick Armey posts his Wisconsin State Journal op-ed letter ("Wisconsin's Progressive Conservative Tradition"), which includes this statement: "My colleague Jack Kemp calls this general movement 'progressive conservatism' and it is at the heart of the great intellectual revolution of our time." I e-mail a thank you note to Jack Kemp and forward thank you note to Dick Armey.

November 11, 2004

At, I run a Patron BlogAD for Progressive Conservatism and cite Dick Armey's statement and inform the world that Ronald Reagan was a Progressive Conservative.

November 12, 2004

Progressive Conservative ReView & ReKnew: The Fusion of Conservative Futures -- the on-line web-zine begins publication.

December 1, 2004

At the Pro-Con R&R, I publish-post my (September 1, 2004) essay "Diffusion Of Con-Fusion: The Birth of a Political Brand."

(You may read this Pro-Con "foundation" essay in the post below. If you reference this essay, please cite September 1, 2004 as the publication copyright date.)

February 7, 2005

David Gelernter publishes "The Inventor of Modern Conservatism: Disraeli and Us" (Weekly Standard).

The second paragraph of Gelernter's article reads:

"Conservatism is the most powerful and electric force in the American intellectual landscape. Young people no longer discover the left and get excited; they are far more likely to get their intellectual kicks discovering and experimenting with conservatism. But what exactly do conservatives believe? How do they resolve the seeming paradox that so many conservatives revere the past yet are also PROGRESSIVES, determined to move this nation forward and let it grow, stretch, and inhabit more and more of its own best self? Disraeli [twice minister of Great Britain] produced a definition of conservatism that resolves the problem. It is so terse and compelling, it ranks as a milestone of political thought."

March 22, 2005

Hope Springs Eternal...

I discover on-line the Spring 2005 issue of Reformer: The Journal of the Tory Reform Group. On the front cover (and right-of-center) appear in big letters the words PROGRESSIVE CONSERVATISM, which is the theme of this issue for the UK Tory Conservative Party.

July 23, 2005

Bill Scranton, a candidate for governor of Pennsylvania, describes himself as a Progressive Conservative in an interview with Bill Steigerwald of the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review.

August 10, 2005

Katherine Harris, a candidate for US Senate of Florida, describes herself as a Progressive Conservative, as reported by Eric Pera of Orlando's The Ledger.

December 4, 2005

Chad Noble, founder of the UK Centre for Progressive Conservatism (, offers an alternative (European Alliance) to the super nanny state (European Union).

Noble proposes the pro-Europe European Alliance (

December 5, 2005

David Cameron, who ran as a self-identified Progressive Conservative, wins the top position (shadow prime minister) and becomes the leader of the UK Tory Conservative Party.

Cameron's Pro-Con Values Statement can be found here:

Note: The contemporary UK Fusionism of David Cameron and Chad Noble can be understood best as a fusion of the Conservatism of Benjamin Disraeli and Liberalism of William Gladstone.

Compare these four fusionism sites:

January 12, 2006

George Lakoff, the cognitive linguist and metaphor master, speaks at the San Francisco Commonwealth Club of California.

In the Questions & Answers session, Lakoff makes this statement:

"There are even Conservatives who call themselves Progressive Conservative."

Note: The mostly left-of-center liberal audience of 200 attendees chuckled-n-laughed at Lakoff's statement...if only the audience realized how uninformed their response was...and just how vast and hyper the growth of the Global Progressive Conservative Brand is...Go Figure!!??

January 23, 2006

Stephen Harper, who ran on a Progressive Conservative message, wins the national election and becomes Canada's 5th youngest prime minister (www.Conservative.Ca).

For a history of the Progressive Conservative Party (1867-2003), see

For the present Ontario Progressive Conservative Party, see its current site ( and its long history (

February 9, 2006

I discover the "first" use of "Progressive Conservatism" in the US.

On September 14, 1953 (Yes, 1953!!), Time magazine publishes the 2,800 word essay by Contributing Editor Alvin Josephy.

Josephy's essay is entitled "The U.S. A Strong & Stable Land: 'Progressive Conservatism' Is Its Mood," which is based on Josephy's 7,400 mile journey across the Mid-West and West.

Josephy makes this statement: "President Eisenhower's policy of 'gradualism,' or of progressive conservatism, is, in my opinion, exactly the mood of the parts of the country I visited."

Previously, I documented in my post (Wanniski Wins!) that Jude Wanniski, one of the co-founders of Supply-Side Economics, had been the "first" to use the progressive conservative moniker.

Indeed, in 1979, Jude Wanniski did apply the Progressive Conservative (PRO-Con) moniker to the Reaganites, as a way to distinguish them from the PALEO-Cons.

Josephy beats Wanniski...and both Eisenhower and Reagan were (are!!) brilliant Progressive Conservative leaders.

53 years after Josephy's "Pro-Con Mood," the Eisenhower & Reagan Pro-Con Legacies Live On at

February 22, 2006

On George Washington's Birthday, I discover the first US Presidential Candidate to announce as a self-described Progressive Conservative.

John Cox, entrepreneur and attorney, has long been an Illinois leader for the Republican Party.

John Cox is a devotee of Ronald Wilson Reagan and a protege of Jack Kemp.

Visit Candidate Cox's site at and click on the book icon Politicians, Inc., where you will discover "The Progressive Conservative: The Politics of the New Millennium."

Hasta La Vista!!