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Thursday, March 17, 2005

Gingrich VisionS -- Winning The Future: A 21st Century Contract With America

The Gingrich (and Reagan) Visions...

Lee Edwards, the Heritage Foundation Distinguished Fellow In Conservative Thought, raises these questions: "Will conservatives succeed, or is the conservative revolution over? Where is conservatism headed: for the mountaintop or the ash heap?" (The Conservative Revolution: The Movement That Remade America, 1999, p. 333)

Newt Gingrich provides one visionary answer to the Edwards' questions...certainly to the mountaintop...and beyond.

As Newt did with his (our) Conservative Opportunity Society, so he does with his latest applied vision: Winning The Future: A 21st Century Contract With America (2005) -- Newt provokes thought...and action.

Dr. Gingrich is a great policy synnovator -- a perpetual orchestra conductor of synthesis and innovation.

Gingrich writes: "We do not believe the traditional instruments of government will reform themselves fast enough and thoroughly enough for the twenty-first century."

And consider Contract Goal VII: "Change the mindset of big government in Washington by replacing bureaucratic public administration with Entrepreneurial Public Management so government can operate with the speed, effectiveness, and efficiency of the information age."

No doubt, some Pro-Cons with a deeply inherent libertarian meme-gene will protest (too much, I think) about this Gingrich Contract. These protesters will argue that Gingrich's ideas are an invitation to big and bigger government action.

For these Pro-Con Protesters (and others), I refer them to Contract Goal VIII: "Balance the federal budget and insist on a lean government, low tax, low interest rate economy to maximize growth in a competitive world." Further, these protesters may want to visit the Performance Institute (

I personally had hoped that Newt would address how PURPLE Federalism could and does eliminate conflict among social value conditions. (For insights on Purple Federalism, see my "Diffusion Of Con-Fusion," posted-published on December 1, 2004.)

I highly recommend Newt's newest book...and each of his Chapters ends with this site address:

As a complementary companion to Newt's book, I also highly recommend Brad Lips and Dan Lips' The Reagan Vision: How You Can Revive The Reagan Revolution (2004). As Newt does with his book, Dan and Brad do with their book: The Lips Brothers have an action plan...and a website: (Readers can order Reagan Vision from the Goldwater Institute.)

Shout it from the mountaintops:

May the Reagan and Gingrich Visions Be Seen and Heard and Lived!!

Note: Don Devine of the American Conservative Union Foundation sent me the following links to Ronald Reagan's speech "Our Philosophy of Government" (March 20, 1981): and

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