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Sunday, January 01, 2006

Progressive Conservative Global Brand & Values Portfolio & Political Continuum

Pro-Cons of the World Unite!

Indeed, we have.

"This doesn't mean that the idea ( 'conservatism' ) is empty of structural content, merely that people disagree about what the content is. And there is, of course, no final authority on the matter, qualified to act as arbiter, nor should there be."

Whose wise words are these?

Why, of course, these are the right-word words of wisdom from Mr. Conservative William F. Buckley, Jr. ("Did You Ever See A Dream Walking?" 1988)

And consider the dynamic pastcast, podcast, and forecast of Yale computer scientist David Gelernter ("The Inventor of Modern Conservatism: Disraeli and Us," Weekly Standard, February 7, 2005).

Here is Gelernter's description of the dynamism of Progressive Conservatism:

"Conservatism is the most powerful and electric force in the American intellectual landscape. Young people no longer discover the left and get excited; they are far more likely to get their intellectual kicks discovering and experimenting with conservatism. But what exactly do conservatives believe? How do they resolve the seeming paradox that so many conservatives revere the past yet are also PROGRESSIVES, determined to move this nation forward and let it grow, stretch, and inhabit more and more of its own best self?"

Pensar Juntos! (Think Together!)

Indeed, we do.

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Read the foundation essay for US Progressive Conservatism (and understand how this eco-socio-politico-economic idea learning system differs from the other sub-brands of Conservatism) and learn about US Purple Federalism: Click on the link-post Diffusion of Con-Fusion: The Birth of a Political Brand.

Due to differences in eco-socio-political culture, institutions, and individuals, Progressive Conservatism will vary among countries. And yes, Progressive Conservatives will differ on their policy-program prescriptions within a particular country.

We are not rawhide-bound ideologues...but we do have a values-ideas learning system.

While our policy-program prescriptions may well vary among and within countries, counties, and communities, our values remain invariable.

Progressive Conservative Values Portfolio:

Freedom, Family, Faith

Peace, Prosperity, Progress

Rewards for Risks, Risks for Rewards

Tradition, Tolerance, Technology

Ownership, Opportunity

Rights, Responsibilities

Pursuit of Happiness, Pursuit of Hope

Health, Wealth

Steadfast Security

We Inflame Reagan's Liberty & Justice & Progress(ive) Torch!!!

Welcome to the New Year!!

Pensar Juntos! (Think Together!)

So...shall we continue to think along the single dimension, political straight-line of Left-Right??


Would we prefer to see the three dimensions (X-axis for Domestic Fiscal, Y-Axis for Domestic Social, Z-Axis for Foreign Policy) for each sub-brand of Liberalism and Conservatism?


Unfortunately for now, we have to settle for a two-dimensional model, which is explained by the mixed metaphors of (non-linear) ladders and bridges and horse shoes (since this blog software does not allow the integration of software used for three-dimensional models for social networks and biochemistry molecules).

Do we really want to see at least two dimensions and perhaps a mixed-mixed metaphor for understanding better the dynamics of Liberal-Conservative Intellectual and Political Diffusion?

Let's hope so...

Let us see how and why Progressive Conservatism is the Double Bridge Brand within Conservatism and between Liberalism.

Consider the Conservative Ladder Scale (00 to 21):

(00) Anarcho-Communists (NO State, NO Private Property)

(0) Anarcho-Capitalists (NO State, ALL Private Property)

( and

(1) Min-Archists (Night Watchman's State)

( and

(2) NEO-Libertarians


(3) Classical Liberals

( and


(5) Ronald Reagan Progressive Conservatism

( and and



(8) Big Government Conservatives

(9) PALEO-Conservatives

(Big Government Conservatives on Domestic Social Issues...See Pat Buchanan and American Conservative Magazine

(10) NEO-Conservatives

(Big Government Conservatives on Foreign Policy Issues...See Bill Kristol and Weekly Standard


(12) Bigger Government Conservatives




(16) Biggest Government Conservatives




(20) Authoritarianism

(21) Toward Totalitarianism

Consider the Liberal Ladder Scale (00 to 21):

(00) Anarcho-Communists (NO State, NO Private Property)





(4) Small Government Jeffersonian Liberals

(Terry Michael, founder of Washington Center for Politics and Journalism and Tammy Bruce




(8) Big Government Liberals

(9) Bull Moose Liberals


(10) Donkey Liberals

(Democratic Leadership Council


(12) Bigger Government Liberals

(Deaniacs and Kossacks




(16) Biggest Government Liberals

(Green Party



(19) Socialists USA

(20) Authoritarianism

(21) Toward Totalitarianism

If we place the ladders side-by-side, we can see how Progressive Conservatism = Double Bridge Brand.

Consider the Conservative Ladder:

Between Libertarians and Traditionalists (to use Charles Kesler's Framing), Progressive Conservatism is the Bridge Brand.

Within the Conservative Ladder, we might label this bridge as a Vertical bridge.

Consider the Liberal Ladder:

With the two ladders aligned, we can see that Rung (5) on both ladders provides an opportunity for Liberals to cross to the Progressive Conservative Rung (and vice versa).

Between the Liberal Ladder and the Conservative Ladder, we might label this bridge as a Horizontal bridge.

Thus, Progressive Conservatism creates a Double Bridge Brand: the Vertical and the Horizontal.

Ladders need not be linear. From personal experience, we know that new tech ladders can be adjusted to curvi-linear forms. As such, we can extend and bend these two ladders physically, virtually, and visually to fit and match better the Conservative and Liberal Sub-Brands. (Think of the curvi-linear ladders as a pair of horse mix metaphors even more.)

Yes, the two dimensions and mixed metaphors of ladders and bridges and horse shoes are imperfect.

And yes, we are well aware of both the political matrix and test of the Institute for Humane Studies' Politopia Scale ( and and the Pew Research Center's Political Typology (

Both the IHS and Pew Scales are incomplete and inaccurate in terms of social science construct validity and measurement reliability, I think.

The Bottom Line:

Progressive Conservatism is the Double Bridge Brand...and...

We Inflame Reagan's Liberty & Justice & Progress(ive) Torch!!!